Making the business case for a more sustainable and socially responsible organization should not be hard. Leon Kaye will help convince your employees and stakeholders to move towards that direction.

Everyone has an interest in making their organizations more "socially responsible," and "sustainable," but there is often much confusion over what those terms actually mean and why they are important. Furthermore, few companies outside of the Fortune 1,000 have the budget to employ a full-time chief sustainability officer. Smart companies do not view sustainability as one part of their overall planning and strategy--instead, sustainability is embedded throughout all layers of the organization. So while many employees and managers have an interest in boosting their sustainability credentials, there are often a bevy of issues:

  • Who will lead the effort? Who will we involve in this new push towards sustainability?
  • What exactly is our message? “Sustainability” is a broad term--what should be our focus?
  • Is this really worth the time and investment? Where is that low-hanging fruit that can allow us to make maximum impact?
  • Can we make a strong business case? Who will be our allies, internally and externally.
If you lack the budget, bandwidth, or time to retain a full-time sustainability officer, Leon Kaye will work with you, serve as your outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer, and give your employees the tools and tactics necessary to bring everyone on board.

Services offered include:

  • Trainings and seminars: Whether you want to start with a short seminar, half- or full-day workshop, or a week-long training series, Leon Kaye will work with you in starting the move to a more sustainable direction, whether you want to start with waste diversion, reduction of energy consumption, or an overall view of how to reduce your firm's "carbon footprint."
  • Mentoring and coaching: Do you want someone to wear the hat as your "chief sustainability officer" but do not know where to begin?  We can work with that manager or employee and give him or her the tools to succeed in that capacity.
  • Assessments: What exactly is your company's carbon footprint? How much waste are you generating?  Quite often, your firm's stakeholders will not show any interest in sustainability if they do not understand your organization's impact. GGP will work with you to identify the effects your firm has on society and the environment, and craft compelling suggestions on how to reduce that impact and improve your company's bottom line.
  • Research: What is your competition doing on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front?  How are their customers responding?  What savings have other companies in your space have gained? The move towards sustainability often requires a lot of up-front research and analysis for which no one in your firm has time. GGP can take that off of your task list, bolstering the case for a more sustainable business approach that can win over employees, customers, and all of your stakeholders in the short and long run.

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Leon Kaye can help you see the forest from the trees