Organizations can no longer solely control their messages. Social media has transformed how consumers and stakeholders communicate with companies. Indeed, what we now see is the tail wagging the dog.

But that does not mean social media must be feared; rather, it should be embraced. Social media channels offer the opportunity to engage consumers, communicate new initiatives and make it clear that a company, non-profit or government agency is listening.

Different channels can accomplish various objectives for organizations. Beautifully shot photos can work well for consumer brands. Twitter or Facebook are great for announcing events. Media companies and political candidates have learned to harness SnapChat. And LinkedIn can keep fueling that conversation with your professional peers.

The reality, however, is that a combination of some of these tools is needed. Most organizations are not in a position to simply say what they want. But they do have the opportunity to gain a following, and build trust, but imparting thought leadership. In my opinion, based on my experience, thought leadership is the way to build a community and enhance an organization’s reputation.

One of my clients used to just post photos and events that imparted little more than “look at me.” I changed that mantra. Within 6 months, without using any 3rd party tools or tricks, I doubled its Twitter and Facebook followers while more than tripling its Instagram audience.

Please contact me to learn how we can make this happen. I will be happy to drive social media for your organization and help you find even more success.

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