GGP Media - Where Sustainable Practices Meet Sensible Strategies

The Internet revamped the way businesses interact with their customers.  And social media is has transformed the Internet, giving companies even more opportunities to build and maintain their relationships with those customers.

Meanwhile, companies are looking for more sustainable business practices as a response to changing consumer preferences in the marketplace.

But some "old" business approaches will never disappear, and there is no reason why your company cannot integrate them with new methods of communicating with your customers.

GGP Media will work with you on creating sustainable, yet sensible, business solutions, while helping you make sense of the opportunities available that social media offers.

GGP Media's offerings include:

  • Got content you need written but do not have the time? Newsletter articles, white papers, website content, press releases--with over 1500 articles written since 2009, Leon Kaye can create important content for your company--and you can take the credit!
  • Managing your company's blog and social network presence, with daily or weekly updates, helping drive traffic to your firm's website while getting its most important messages out.
  • Developing your business plan and turning it into a winning marketing strategy.
  • Partnering with the leading green events team throughout the United States and abroad so that the turnout for your conference or trade show exceeds expectations--and your attendees stay.
  • Analyzing your firm's products or services for the US market.
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