From our initial posting, May 2009.  Since that first article, we barely have used the term “green!”

Green is the new black—hip, cool, sleek. To some it may be the new blue—depressing if you read about the continuing effects that global warming, pollution, and environmental damage are having on our Earth. I guess to some green is the new red—if you’re to believe the price tag that all of these newfangled green technologies will have on governments’ budgets and companies’ balance sheets.

I will show that adopting a more sustainable lifestyle does not mean a drab existence. We will be practical, not preachy; educational, not egotistical; and nurturing, not neurotic. “Being green” was once hippie-dippie and now it is mainstream corporate--I think we can land somewhere in the middle. We can’t start driving biodiesel Mercedes and install solar panels on our roofs today, but there are plenty of other steps we can take. We look around us and we know that as a society, we can do better. believes that we can reduce waste, achieve energy independence, heal our land, and yes, we are American—make some $$$ at the same time!

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Leon Kaye