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Why a Feed-In Tariff Works

Here's an Earth Day message: The feed-in tariff would be the best method for cleaner forms of energy to scale. Under such a system, utilities would be obligated to purchase renewable energy produced by individual homes or businesses.

SAP 2010 CSR Report Boasts US$470M in Energy Savings

In its 2010 CSR report, SAP revealed impressive reductions in total greenhouse gas emissions, data center energy consumption, and total energy consumed between 2009 and 2010, one metric in particular stands out. Clean energy now meets 48% SAP’s needs, up from 16% from a year earlier.

Romania, Good News From a Lost Decade

In the last decade, Romania has been a reliable source for seekers of bad news for the international media. Nevertheless, through the thicket of bad news, the country has also seen some brighter developments in the economy, in politics and in human development.

Wind Gets Knocked Out of the Pickens Plan

It was not that long ago when T. Boone Pickens ranked up there on television air time with the Snuggie and the Ped Egg. His commercials, or infomercials, promised that the wind corridor in the central United States, paired with natural gas, would wean the U.S. off of fossil fuel imports and push the country towards energy independence. Now the wind part of the plan is dead.

Bosnia’s Energy Future

One potential economic boost for Bosnia could be renewable energy. Blessed with many rivers, the country is already exporting electricity to its neighbors, and more kilowatts of power are possible.

Google Scores With Jersey Shore Wind Project

Add the Jersey Shore to Google’s renewable energy portfolio. The Internet giant announced a plan that if successful, will stretch 350 miles and could provide power for up to 1.9 million homes within ten years--or enough to power Snooki's tanning beds through the year 2050.

Italian Mafia Groups Line Pockets With Wind Power Money

One sign of a maturing industry is that the Mafia start “investing” into the business. Tony Soprano, Don Corleone, nor any of the Goodfellas ever showed any interest in wind, but now renewable energy advocates have to deal with the headache, albeit a small one, with which the rest of the business world sometimes deals: Italian “eco Mafia” groups have found their way into the wind power industry.

Basque-ing in Renewables

While most European Union member states are flummoxed in trying to reach that 20% renewables goal by 2020, Spain is quietly a leader in the race.  The country aims to have 30% of its electricity needs met by renewables by ...

A Danish Perspective

Yesterday I attended a talk given by USA Ambassador Friis Petersen of Denmark at UCLA's CIBER (Center for International Business and Research).  Ambassador Petersen was in Los Angeles for the day and somehow UCLA was fortunate enough to get a ...
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