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Italy Bans Plastic Bags

Italy has banned single-use plastic bags as of January 1, the first European Union country to do so. The move is a huge shift for a nation that uses 20 billion bags a year and is well, known for being a fantastic place to shop. For now stores can use up their plastic bags already in stock, and afterwards, can only offer bags made out of cloth, paper, or natural fibers. Naturally the plastic industry is not pleased, and has spent heavily to resist similar efforts elsewhere.

Innovation Saves Xerox $US 10 Million

Xerox, lean and green, saved US$10.2 million this year while its employees eliminated 2.6 million pounds of waste. Workers at facilities around the world were engaged in a corporate wide “Earth Awards” program that challenged them to leverage innovation as a means to saving the company resources, including water.

The Sustainable Pooch – Walmart Introduces Upcycled Pet Products

Pets are good at collecting toys (see above picture), and there is also demand for dog beds, scratching posts, and kitty litter pans and liners. Now Walmart will sell these supplies, along with other products, starting this month through a partnership with Worldwise. The new retail line will the end result of a closed-loop system that takes waste from Walmart's stores and “upcycles” them into new pet products that retail in Walmart stores' pet departments.

GreenCycler Makes Composting User Friendly

Not everything from the garden went into the dish? What do you do with all that food waste? Coloradan Gail Loos found a solution to those pesky kitchen scraps.  She created the GreenCycler, a device that grinds kitchen scraps into a size that accelerates the composting process.  The contraption works a lot like a paper shredder.  Loos redesigned the blades so they could grind food waste effectively, and the user can also easily remove those blades for cleaning.  The storage container boasts a design that promotes evaporation while discouraging any increase of pests and anaerobic activity.

Swedes Can Now Sell Used Furniture on IKEA’s Web Site

IKEA has received a fair share of criticism over the years, but there is evidence that the furniture giant undertaking improvements on the sustainability front. The company has tinkered with renewable energy, is phasing out flame retardants in its furniture, and in Sweden it is making a counterintuitive business move: customers in its home country can now sell the store’s used furniture on IKEA’s Swedish site.

Composting Gets Corporatized – A Good Thing

Garick processes and distributes garden soils and other products across North America. Its success attracted the attention of Waste Management (WM), which purchased a majority stake in Garick this week.

Reconciling Consumerism and Sustainability

To those Americans who dismiss Europe as a backward, leftist, and socialist land, I say, back off—the business leaders I met and to whom I listened at the GRI Conference would run circles around my business school professors and most managers across the pond! To those Europeans who slam America as a consumer-frenzied, overindulged society, I say, not so fast: based on the crowds I saw in the shopping areas and the lines I saw in the stores, I think both sides of the Atlantic know how to spend a buck (or Euro).

Earth Day Hangover: All That E-Waste

Far too many people pitch their computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment at drop off points, thinking they are doing a great deed. Unfortunately, many of the people behind these drives are charlatans.
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