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Our 500th Post – The Arts:Earth Partnership

It's hard to believe, but this is our 500th posting, so I want to highlight AEP. We have come a long way from May 2009, when we started as a Blogspot site with a completely different name. Since this site started, GreenGoPost.com has been read in at least 105 countries, and has worked at various events from GRI in Amsterdam in May to Ben & Jerry's in Vermont next month. The focus at first was my adopted hometown, LA—but last I checked, I have written about great (and not so great) stories in at least 40 countries, from Djibouti to Montengro to St. Lucia—and more are in the pipeline.

Uruguay, Beyond the Metrics and Statistics

Countries will tout worker productivity, GDP, GNP, and FDI. One country, however, is trying to attract investors by touting its quality of life, and suggesting that its land about the size of Washington state with the population of Berlin be considered just because well, it is a nice place. And that country is Uruguay.

Attention Glendale Armenians

In September 2008, we visited Montevideo, Uruguay, for a couple days during a trip to South America. After visiting the cemetery where my great-uncle is buried, we asked the taxi driver to drop us off at one of the most special places I have ever encountered during my travels.

Papering over Uruguay

Uruguay is one of my favorite destinations, a country through which I've traveled three times and which I fantasize about visiting again and again.  Many tourists, and Argentines especially, complain about Uruguay and its capital, Montevideo:  it is "boring," with ...
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