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Chevron Set to Drill off UK’s North Sea Coast

Could oil rigs rise behind this distillery of single malt scotch? Anyone who believed that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill would force countries to take a second look at deepwater oil drilling of their coasts are mistaken. The United Kingdom’s government just gave Chevron the green light to start a divisive deepwater oil exploration project in the North Sea, near the Shetland Islands.

Nanotechnology Could Drive the Future of Automobile Battery Technology

Buses going nanotech are a ways off, but Volvo is currently in the middle of a US$4.8 million research project to test whether there is a better way to design a car battery. Working with London's Imperial College and several European companies, the project “Tomorrow's Volvo Car” could lead to an even more energy efficient automobile, revolutionize battery technology, and reduce a car's weight as well.

WhipCar Matches UK Car Owners with Renters

WhipCar pairs “sensible drivers with spare car time.” The cost is free for car owners, and the grunt work is done by WhipCar, which checks electronically to assure the owner that his or car won’t end up across the Channel. Owners receive email and text notifications about the blokes who want to borrow their cars, and can proceed or decline as they wish. Best of all, owners can set their own price, with WhipCar providing a guide based on the model and the owner’s post code.

Another Falkland Islands War?

Probably not.  Despite the oft-heard cliché, history does not repeat myself.  But once again, an unpopular Argentine government is stirring up deep nationalistic feelings as a distraction from its failed policies.   I have vague memories, around junior high years, when Argentina's ...
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