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Searching for a Great-Uncle in Uruguay

Four years ago, when I visited South America for the first time, I tried to track the journey of my great-uncle, Humayag, after whom my father is named.  He and my grandmother were the two youngest in their family. Since I am on the road, I thought I'd share my experience.

Photo Essay: Dilijan, Armenia

Dilijan is a microcosm of what Armenia is now and what it could be: a balance between the old sectors like agriculture, and services, of which outsourcing could bring jobs to a population that is highly skilled but needs the right opportunities in order to make a decent living.

Korea 1995 – A Journal

Almost 16 years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy, I moved abroad to Korea on a whim to teach English. I was hired over the phone, and arrived at Kimpo Airport a month later. I thought I'd share some random thoughts of my first few days there.

Serbia Promotes Ecotourism

When you think about ecotourism, visits to the Costa Rica rain forest or an exotic Thailand beach comes to mind. Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans, are far off the radar. But Ecotourism Serbia is working to combine conservancy with protection of its country’s historical and cultural heritage.

Vermont’s Bounty

It is an easy argument to make that the movement towards organic food, local food, and slow food have their origins in Vermont. After all, Vermont had never really changed—its farmers have been growing genuinely quality and natural food all along. For visitors on a quick trip to Vermont, finding those goodies can be a challenge. As some locals explained to me, finding great food items involves being in the know

Batumi, Georgia’s New Eco-Tourism Destination

Georgia has had its share of problems but appears to be on the path towards a turnaround. Hopes were high after the Rose Revolution in 2003; then the Russians invaded the country and took over a couple renegade autonomous regions. But overall the change in leadership, many of which are under 40-somethings, has been a positive step for Georgia, especially in the province of Adjara, in the southwest part of the country that also borders Turkey.

A Town in Montenegro Heals

Like other European states, Montenegro has suffered from its share of pollution and kindred environmental problems. At the same time, its mountainous terrain is packed with recreational opportunities, from its stunning coast to idyllic mountains. One town that could see a surge in tourism is Mojkovac, only 65 miles from the nation's capital, Podgorica.

Green Hotels – What’s the Point?

Here are the facts when you stay in a hotel – you still are at a place where they are leaving the lights on way too much. The waste in water and food is huge. These hotels still require a massive build-out or a remodeling. And we have all experienced the disappointment of “looks great on a website, is a hole on arrival.”

Bikes, Trains, and (no) Automobiles

I’m typing this on the way to Maastricht, a 2 ½ hour train ride south from Amsterdam. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Europe, so you forget how efficient and normal train travel is here. What’s been an added bonus is that I decided that I would take my rented bike with me.

Sons of Gandhi

Walking through the narrow and winding cobblestone streets of Salvador during Carnaval, one stream of brilliant colors still sticks in my mind even though weeks have passed since our trip to northeast Brazil. Those colors were blue and white, the markings of the Sons of Gandhi, or Filhos de Gandhy, a wave of several thousand men who have marched in Salvador’s Carnaval since 1949.
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