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Italian Mafia Groups Line Pockets With Wind Power Money

One sign of a maturing industry is that the Mafia start “investing” into the business. Tony Soprano, Don Corleone, nor any of the Goodfellas ever showed any interest in wind, but now renewable energy advocates have to deal with the headache, albeit a small one, with which the rest of the business world sometimes deals: Italian “eco Mafia” groups have found their way into the wind power industry.

Sustainability Reporting: Start With the Regulators?

If government agencies are going to require industries and companies that they regulate to offer more disclosure, perhaps these agencies should issue reports so that their vendors, employees, and of course, the taxpayers, understand the impact these agencies are having in their communities?

The Case for Integrated Reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative is pushing for integrated reporting, or as Michael Krzus, a partner at Grant Thornton, has coined, “one report.” The idea behind integrated reporting is that financial and non-financial disclosures will be intertwined into one report that can stakeholders, shareholders, and potential investors can read and vet.
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