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eBay Starts GroupGifts Service in Time for the Holidays

Yes, the holidays--not that the election is over, it is time to think about what you are going to buy online on Cyber Monday, unless of course you plan on waking up at 1 a.m. on Black Friday to snag that cheap flat-screen TV or laptop. Well, if you plan to give presents as part of a group, eBay may just have the solution for you.

Zimride Streamlines Carpooling in LA and Beyond

Sitting in traffic is about as fun as watching the Griffith Observatory pendulum (pictured) for hours and hours-- but Zimride as a cure for that monotony.  The Bay Area-based software company builds relationships with universities and corporations, and hosts social networking sites that seek to match commuters who are willing to share a car to reach their destinations.  The results:  reduced emissions, less traffic, and increased social skills . . . after all, some people actually meet their Facebook friends in person.

Using Old Tactics with New Media

Whether you are starting a business, promoting an event, or trying to win a “blogging” contest, I want to share social media pointers that I think can work for you, your firm, or your personal goals.

Link Away from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's spectacular growth and importance in the working world means more distracting posts and sharply-worded reminders from folks who think they are the arbiters of what and what is not appropriate social media interaction.  True, LinkedIn is still an indespensible ...
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