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CSR in the Balkans: A Young Professional’s Perspective

I recently interviewed Dessislava Todorova, the Editor in Chief at CSR Bulgaria, while I traipsed through the Balkans several weeks ago. She was the runner up in the Global Reporting Initiative’s case study competition, and has emerged as a leading voice of CSR in Bulgaria.

Social Entrepreneurship in Bosnia: A Brilliant Mozaik

Zoran Pulijic started Bosnia's Mozaik in 2000 with the belief that locals know the best way how to build opportunity in their towns and villages. Pulijic and his colleagues developed what they describe as its Community Driven Development (CDD) methodology, which works to achieve maximum participation with community members on local development projects. Residents who work on a project within their town take the role traditionally outsourced to a consultant: they analyze needs, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, create a plan of action, and work on improving their capacities in order to carry out new community improvement initiatives.

Inspired by Trash, Texan Creates Green Homes and Jobs

There's more to Huntsville, TX, than an execution chamber and Sam Houston's historic home, including a large university, a quaint downtown, and home builder Dan Phillips.  Founder of Phoenix Commotion, a company that focuses on building low cost, sustainable, and affordable housing, Phillips has built at least 13 homes for single parents, artists, and low-income families.

CSR: A Dubious Option in the Developing World

Ann Bernstein leads the Centre for Development and Enterprise in Johannesburg, South Africa. In her new book, The Case for Business in Developing Economies, she makes the case that the problem is not unethical corporations. Instead, she insists there are not enough businesses operating in countries like South Africa, which suffers from an unemployment rate that is anywhere from 24% to 33%.