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Anthropologie Scarves Spark Economic Opportunity in Rwanda

Indego Africa partners with other organizations as well as it works to improve the lives of women and their families. In the case of the Ingenzi Knit Union, women there benefit from U.S.-based NGO Rwanda Knits, which provides knitting machines as well as technical training and business classes to ensure the women’s success. Now their work is showcased in Anthropologie's stores.

Microfinance: A Nightmare for Some Indian Women

In India, Andhra Pradesh's government is considering legislation that would curb lending rates and avert abuses that MFIs often undertake in recouping their loans. These borrowers, most of whom are women, feel squeezed between the MFIs and the self-help groups (SHGs) under whom they work. But they may finally gain some help--their plight has caught the attention of officials who feel they can no longer just shake their heads as they read the daily newspapers, which have highlighted these deaths.

Palindrome Designs Cool Tees While Giving 20% of Revenues to Non-Profits

Palindrome Apparel, founded by Jared Shahid and James Reilly, will donate 20% of all retail revenue to non profit organizations. The company is not the first to donate a portion of its profits to charities or NGOs. But where Palindrome sets itself apart from other apparel firms is its “one palindrome : one cause” model, which partners a non-profit with a corresponded designer t-shirt.

The Boxer Becomes the 9 Million Dollar Man

Former boxer Zeljko Mavrovic is a successful grain producer and baker, educating Croatians about organic food and sustainability while providing economic opportunity. According to Mavrovic, he wanted to invest his boxing earnings “in something that would not only allow me to continue to grow personally, but also to bring benefits to a larger community and to planet Earth.”

Combing for a Future in the Himalayas

Aaron Pattillo and Julian Wilson founded Khunu, a men’s knitwear company with offices in China and Colorado, last year. During a trip to Tibet in December 2008, the pair, frozen at 16,000 feet above sea level, learned about the virtues of yak wool from their Tibetan guides. The chance meeting has evolved into a company, combining sustainability, economic reward, and quite bluntly, rather cool (er, very warm) clothing.

An Evening with Jeff Hayes: a Make It Happen Workshop

Do you have a great idea but need to make it scale? Not sure how you can get to that next step? Jeff Hayes, Principal of the Vector Group, an LA-based management consultancy, will lead a workshop Wednesday night in Santa Monica, titled the “Make-It-Happen Entrepreneur Workshop.”
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