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GreenGoPost.com Moves to Silicon Valley

GreenGoPost is now based in hometown, Silicon Valley (San Jose). Los Angeles has served me well for several years, but I have decided to pursue opportunities up north. After freelancing and working on many exciting and challenging projects the past few years, I have decided what is available in the Bay Area is more aligned with my long term goals.

eBay Starts GroupGifts Service in Time for the Holidays

Yes, the holidays--not that the election is over, it is time to think about what you are going to buy online on Cyber Monday, unless of course you plan on waking up at 1 a.m. on Black Friday to snag that cheap flat-screen TV or laptop. Well, if you plan to give presents as part of a group, eBay may just have the solution for you.

Al Gore Finally Speaks Out on Proposition 23

Al Gore has plenty of critics—I liked him more when he first ran for President in 1988 when he was barely of the age that qualified him to hold the nation’s highest office. His 150 second video gets straight to the point, and I suggest you watch it and vote No on Prop 23.

Will the Bloom Box Rock?

"It's about seeing the world as what it can be and not what it is." - K.R. Sridhar, founder and CEO of Bloom Energy.   I have just returned from Brazil, functioning on two nights of little sleep, but I cannot restrain myself ...

Why The Valley Will Rule

Recently I attended a "green" event in a certain neighborhood in Los Angeles.  The gathering started on a dubious note.  I had skipped the raw vegan dinner, which I suppose could have been appetizing.  But when I showed up, I ...
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