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Mubarak’s New Home: Montenegro?

Where will Hosni Mubarak end up? Will he set up camp in another Arab nation? Live in a ritzy European city? Move to a penthouse in New York or Beverly Hills villa? Or will he live and die somewhere in Egypt, which is his wish? Or Montenegro?

Humor, Egypt’s Renewable Resource

Whatever happens in Egypt, one aspect of Egyptian culture will never change: the people’s humor. Evidence of scribes mocking pharaohs dates back to 2600 BC, and over millennia, outsiders have noted Egyptians’ penchant for deadpan remarks, witty jokes, and finding hilarity in the shortcomings of their leaders.

The Future: Personal Rapid Transit’s Debut in Masdar City

While its nearby rival Dubai has gone through boom and bust in becoming a 21st century Babylon, Abu Dhabi has contemplated life in a post-petroleum world. Flush with money, Abui Dhabi’s leadership is generously spending lavish sums on technologies and contraptions that most of us would find wasteful, kooky, or just impractical, like the podcar.

Lamb – the Other (Sustainable) Red Meat

Lamb in the USA is often misunderstood. It is a delicate yet flavorful meat, and has a long cultural heritage. For carnivores and omnivores who will not go vegetarian but are bothered by the meatpacking industry, there are several reasons to shun the cow and go for the woolly lamb.

A Kiosk of Pomegranates

Ah, pomegranates. One of the oldest fruits on earth, with countless legends attributed to this lucious, complicated fruit. I would like to show another video by the Persian band Kiosk. Yarom Bia is set to the Armenian film director Sergey Parajanov's Color of Pomegrantes.
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