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Five SustainAbility & CSR Trends in 2011

Before the term “Sustainability” was coined by the United Nations in 1988, SustainAbility, based in Washington DC, worked on issues including green consumerism and human rights. A quarter-century later its professionals are among sustainability and CSR thought leaders.

Bazaar Rhythms

Cultural and ethnic crossroads and meeting place par excellence, the çarshija is also the place for finding some of the deepest roots of the Balkan musical heritage. OBC’s inquiry

Counting Down Gaddafi’s Last Hours

Gaddafi’s bloody hold on power makes Hosni Mubarak look like Michael Scott on The Office. Much of his country has already fallen into rebel hands, but his thugs, some loyal, many hired, are determined to bathe Tripoli in the blood of innocent lives before that man steps down after a hideous 40 year rule over a proud nation.

Mubarak’s New Home: Montenegro?

Where will Hosni Mubarak end up? Will he set up camp in another Arab nation? Live in a ritzy European city? Move to a penthouse in New York or Beverly Hills villa? Or will he live and die somewhere in Egypt, which is his wish? Or Montenegro?

Humor, Egypt’s Renewable Resource

Whatever happens in Egypt, one aspect of Egyptian culture will never change: the people’s humor. Evidence of scribes mocking pharaohs dates back to 2600 BC, and over millennia, outsiders have noted Egyptians’ penchant for deadpan remarks, witty jokes, and finding hilarity in the shortcomings of their leaders.
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