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American Nightshade, A Welcome Garden Addition

Many believe that the “American Nightshade” (Solanum americanum) is poisonous. Not so. The berries taste like cherry tomatoes, have a sweet finish, and go well in a salad, if you can forage enough of them.

A Garden With Fennel Vision

What is fun about gardening is watching plants spout from other yards or from what I planted the past two years.

Sprouts in Silicon Valley

I have to leave my Silicon Valley garden for a few weeks, but it will be in good hands. My $5 investment in a few packs of seeds will turn out to be a good investment.

The Silicon Valley Garden Begins

I may have left my garden in Los Angeles behind, but a new one has begun in a Silicon Valley town, Cupertino, once known for apricots and prunes.

The Architectural Garden

I may have left my garden for Silicon Valley, but thankfully it is in good hands and continues to thrive. An old endive seed has become king of the garden.

Tomatoes and Salvia: 4 Weeks of The Garden

With all the talk over the gym, spinning, yoga, and biking, there is one exercise that works if you just enjoy time outside: gardening. Spend enough time and you'll find a squirrel garden deterrent!

Three Weeks in, The Garden’s Salad is Ready

My third annual garden is three weeks old tomorrow, and we are beginning the enjoy the results. The salad greens are thriving, and the first round of salad will be ready tonight or tomorrow.

A Garden as Sanctuary

Don't forget flowers in your garden; this year, nasturtiums and salvia are growing wild in our yard. They attract bees and hummingbirds, add color, and bring calm to your morning routine.

Jerry Likes My Corn!

My garden is about 10 days old, and it is already starting to thrive. Some mishaps have occurred along the way--one eggplant seedling got a little overwatered, and the squirrels have dug up a few areas, but overall the farm is doing well.

Garden 2011 Is Here

This is the third consecutive year that I have planted a garden in our backyard. The benefits to gardening are many: exercise, Vitamin D from the sun, controlling what you eat, and developing an ecosystem in your own backyard.

Fall Planting

This weekend, after feeling under the weather for a few days, I decided to start my fall planting.  I had been thinking about it for a while, and then I decided to just get off the sofa and do it.  ...

So That’s Why the Melons Weren’t Happy

I’m already starting to think about fall planting.  This year was our first vegetable gardening, and I have got to say that we exceeded our expectations.  The winners:  tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, salad greens.  We still haven't purchased salad greens since ...