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Indian Parliament Mulls Mandating 2% CSR Tax on Businesses

One country’s legislature is mulling the wisdom of mandating larger companies to spend some of their profits on doing good. India’s Parliament is mulling a bill that if passed, over 3400 companies would have to set aside 2% of their average net profits over the next three years for funds dedicated to CSR initiatives.

The Hypocrisy Over Coal

Last week the World Bank voted to loan Eskom, a South African energy producer, US$3.75 billion to build a new coal power plant. Politicians in the UK and my beloved USA went ballistic. They howled that it was a tragedy for the World Bank to sabotage the work that has been done at ameliorating climate change.

The Case Against a Carbon Tariff

Much of the conflict over climate change between developed and developing countries focuses on who should pay for the transition away from fossil-based fuels. Some in the West say that countries with less stringent environmental laws, such as India and China, should be subject to a carbon tariff, often referred to as a border adjustment tax.

India and Sustainability

Yesterday I went to one of the best one day symposia I have attended, a gathering focused on India and Climate Change. I am glad I attended because it gave me insight as to what role India can and should have in the global debate over environmental policy. Too often, global political leaders and environmentalists lump together China and India when they discuss what these nations should do in combating climate change
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