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Greece-Albania, a Return-Only Ticket

Because of the financial crisis, about 200,000 Albanian migrants have decided to leave Greece and return to their homeland: the repatriation was a difficult choice for the youngest ones, who have to adapt to a country they do not know.

Greece, Much Crisis For Nothing

Crises are painful, but they must be an opportunity for change. Yet in Greece, says economic analyst Janos Manolopoulos, this has not happened. Athens' political and economic leaders navigate at sight, unable to rethink the country's future.

The Next Big Word for 2012

Watch for another word, which is hardly new, to gain traction during 2012. If that Mayan prediction that the world will end, or almost end, this word will surge in use and popularity at the perfect time. And mercifully, it will not be “Occupy.”
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