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Fresno Stories: Don’t Always Believe the Media

Being half Armenian, I loved William Soroyan’s stories, though sometimes I think that his family has nothing on ours. Spending a weekend in Fresno, from which my family comes, made me think of a story about which my aunt reminded me when I visited before the holidays. I plan on sharing some others from time to time.

Biotech Healing in San Joaquin Valley

Much has been made of the San Joaquin Valley's water problems.  Too many farms did not get the water they needed, which destroyed their owners' and workers' livelihoods.  Of course, there is plenty of water underground; the problem is that ...

The Blossom Trail

This is a great time to visit the San Joaquin Valley:  the weather is still a little cool, the strawberries are starting its season, the Sierra Nevadas are still draped in snow, and it's time to drive around the Blossom Trail.   The ...

Grandma’s House

Years ago my brother wrote this poem for my father.  Our grandmother passed away in 1990, but her hearty and giving spirit still stays with us.  Her little house in Fresno has not really changed much since she moved out ...
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