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End of the Pajama Party in Shanghai

Up to now, when visiting Shanghai, you would see the locals walking around in pajamas. No, not the Victoria’s Secret version, nor were they colorful Old Navy night garb: these were often patterned sets worn by your father or grandfather, in cotton or polyester, and if you remember the 1970s, you’d be taken back to that decade because you really hadn’t seen them since then. But now they are on their way out.

Combing for a Future in the Himalayas

Aaron Pattillo and Julian Wilson founded Khunu, a men’s knitwear company with offices in China and Colorado, last year. During a trip to Tibet in December 2008, the pair, frozen at 16,000 feet above sea level, learned about the virtues of yak wool from their Tibetan guides. The chance meeting has evolved into a company, combining sustainability, economic reward, and quite bluntly, rather cool (er, very warm) clothing.

Bananas Down Under

Let’s take a break during a hectic week and talk about fashion that will drive you bananas.   The Australian swimwear aussieBum has released an irresistible video promoting its Banana Briefs, which as far as we know are the first clothing manufactured ...

Project Newspaper

Project Runway is a hoot.  I unapologetically love that show.  It's one of the few reality shows I can tolerate, and I look forward to Thursday nights at 10pm, and cannot resist the almost daily marathons.  First, it's amazing that ...
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