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GM Churns Gulf Boom Into Chevy Volt Parts

Remember all those booms during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis? General Motors has engaged in a project that to date collected at least 100 miles of the filthy, oil-soaked plastic booms, recycling them for one of its newest automobile models.

Detroit: The Motor City Turns into FarmVille

All is not lost in the Motor City. A Michigan State University study suggests that the 5000 acres of vacant land could provide Detroit's residents about 70% of the vegetables and 40% of the fruit that they need. Could a new version of Facebook's Farmville be on the way???

Bread From the Past

Despite managing and working at the grocery store 7 days a week, my grandmother somehow always found the time to cook and bake. Thankfully, we found a recipe for an Armenian roll, katah, that hasn't been tried in over 25 years.

Fresno Stories: Don’t Always Believe the Media

Being half Armenian, I loved William Soroyan’s stories, though sometimes I think that his family has nothing on ours. Spending a weekend in Fresno, from which my family comes, made me think of a story about which my aunt reminded me when I visited before the holidays. I plan on sharing some others from time to time.

The Insanity Over Obama: Reality, Please

The rally cries are at full blast and the pitchforks are aimed, with many Americans are denouncing Barack Obama as a socialist.  A reality check is needed, and the ridiculous name calling has got to stop.  Plus a careful examination ...

Delivery with some Seoul

When I lived in Korea during the mid-90s, one of the simple pleasures in life was having everything delivered.  Whether it was the yogurt lady, adorned in yellow vinyl in case the tropical monsoon storms suddenly unleashed their fury; the ...

Obama’s Ambitious Plan

Today President Obama announced that folks from various and industry groups are backing him up on his plan to reduce greenhouse gases and improve automobile fuel efficiency. It’s about time. Critics will pick apart his plan. Environmentalists say he didn’t go ...
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