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CSR In Amsterdam-The Dutch Throw a Party

Who said reporting and disclosure conferences must be dull? Last night the GRI hosted an awards ceremony for companies who proved that they have successfully engaged their shareholders in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting.

CSR: Finally, Critical for SEC Reporting

A decade ago, publicly-held companies selling securities in the United States simply had to submit an annual 10-K (or 40-F if for non-US firms) to the US government, mail out a slick shareholder report to its shareholders once a year, and if they could be bothered, issue a pretty corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. But soon, we may see a trend where the 10K and CSR become one.

Year-end tasks for the green entrepreneur

It's the end of a year--and decade--so I wanted to discuss some tasks your firm should undertake for year-end housekeeping.  Some may not want to rehash 2009, a difficult year for many of us--but I am hearing optimism for 2010 ...
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