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Bicycling Through LA: More Than Possible

Los Angeles is not intuitively the most bike-friendly city, but there are plenty of workarounds. With my Altima spending the night at the mechanic’s in Echo Park, I had to bike to Beverly Hills for a networking event.

The Bicycle Wars Heat Up-Peace Out and Share the Road!

Most bicyclists ride because of recreation or exercise. Few rely on bikes for transportation because that is just not realistic in most rural or urban areas. And then you have a small but vocal cult of bicyclists who seem to forget that the rules of the road do not apply to them.

Bicycle Kitchen

Located in the urban hipster neighborhood of what is becoming Hel/Mel (Melrose and Heliotrope), Bicycle Kitchen (La Bicicocina) is staffed by volunteers who work there a few hours each week to accomplish a few goals, including: 1) Help clueless people like me 2) Make Los Angeles a friendlier place for bicycle riding, which is a huge task.