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Fair Trade Vanilla at Work in Uganda

Two hundred miles west of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, lies Fort Portal. Surrounded by crater lakes, dramatic mountains, and large forests, Fort Portal’s people rely on subsistence agriculture and raising livestock. Jobs are scarce in this town of 46,000. Fair trade, however, promises to provide more opportunity in this lush region.

Vermont Icon Ben & Jerry’s Highlights Fair Trade Month

October is Fair Trade Awareness Month, and iconic Ben & Jerry’s is one progressive company that is making a move towards more fair trade ingredients. Actually, make that 100% Fair Trade. As consumers become more aware of child labor, human trafficking, and toxic ingredients, more companies have strived to make sure their products are more ethical and conscientious.

Saturated Fat Mafia Pushes Ben & Jerry’s to Remove “Natural” Label

The flavor graveyard of Ben & Jerry's can add a label's corpse. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, to some the country’s largest party pooper--to others the leader in holding companies accountable to their claims while reducing our collective saturated fat intake--has been attacking Ben & Jerry’s labeling claims, and has ratted out the company to the FDA as far back as 2002, describing the company’s use of “natural” as “deceptive.”