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Armenia: Daring to Be Cool While Cycling

Armenia’s imports of bikes, primarily from the European Union, China, Taiwan and Turkey, grew by an unprecedented 61 percent during the first quarter of 2013, according to official data. Yerevan's traffic, pictured above, encourages biking, which many young people also see as a fashion statement.

Pope Francis I: An Armenian View

Armenians have followed closely the election of the new Pope, debating its possible consequences in the process of international recognition of the Genocide. In social networks, however, the event became an opportunity to discuss the role of the Church in modern society.

On Board The Pobeda

Vartuhi left Beirut in 1946, to reach Soviet Armenia aboard a ship called "Pobeda". In Stalin's land, however, the survivors of the genocide saw the dream of a homeland turn into a nightmare. Traveling to the Caucasus on the paths of migrations. Fourth episode of the story "From the Caucasus to Beirut"
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