Leon Kaye visited Southeastern Europe and the Balkans region from November - December 2010.  The focus of the visit was to explore import-export opportunities in Bulgaria; the trip ended up covering Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and MacedoniaAlbania was on the itinerary, but flooding prevented entry into the country.

During the trip Leon met with professionals in the world of sustainability, clean energy, and green technology.

The trip is over, but the journey is still in its infancy.  GreenGoPost and Leon Kaye met fantastic people in every country, and has been working with professionals at organizations such as Serbia’s Ecoist and Macedonia’s Konekt, as well as entrepreneurs and advisors in Bosnia and Kosovo.

If you are interested in contacting Leon Kaye to see what kind be done to promote this underserved yet very vibrant corner of the world, please send him an introductory email; we look forward to working with you.