Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye

With over 3000 articles published in GreenGoPost.com, TriplePundit.com, and The Guardian, media companies turn to Leon Kaye for his analysis and expertise on the convergence between business and sustainability. His work, which focuses on making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, has also been featured on the Environmental News Network, PSKF, Grist, NRDC’s blog, and the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Architect Magazine (digital and print). Journalists and professionals vested in sustainability often refer to Leon Kaye for his insistence on going beyond “blogging.” He melds old school journalism with the rapid and real time speed critical for online media coverage. He takes the time to interview sources, ensures that all sides of the story are told, and succeeds as a liaison between the very technical and the general reader.

Contact Leon Kaye to discuss how he can add compelling and insightful content to your publication, online or print. You do not need to decide whether to hire a generalist or specialist: with Leon Kaye, you have both.

From 2011 until he moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2013, Leon Kaye has contributed to Guardian Sustainable Business, a division of The Guardian, the United Kingdom newspaper with that country’s largest online news readership. The Guardian previously syndicated Leon Kaye's postings on Xerox's waste diversion efforts and the clothing industry's launch of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. His work on the Guardian is on waste, water stewardship, the low carbon economy, green building, and energy efficiency.

Business Insider touted Leon Kaye's assessment of Costco's treatment of its workers, which is one reason why the big box store chain is so successful.

Mother Nature Network (MNN) showcased Leon Kaye's story on how bicycling has boosted the economy in various U.S. cities.

The Meredian Institute discussed Leon Kaye's analysis of the impact that conflict minerals has on business.

SAP recognized Leon Kaye for his thought leadership on supply chain and sustainability, along with leading figures from Fortune 500 companies, authors, NGOs and the UN.

Leon Kaye is quoted on his predictions for CSR and sustainability trends in 2014 on Forbes.com.

Al Jazeera English's Listening Post featured Leon Kaye's thoughts on its acquisition of Current TV on January 12, 2013.

Susan McPherson mentioned Leon Kaye's work covering Nike in her article on her article covering social innovation's 2012 highlights on Forbes.

Leon Kaye was interviewed for an Al Jazeera English article about Saudi Arabia's investment in solar power on December 6, 2012.

Huffington Post has both syndicated and referenced Leon Kaye's work. He has also participated as a panelist on HuffPost Live.

Leon Kaye's article on Costco's excellent treatment of its employees landed on the front page of Reddit in August 2012 and he was also quoted on Yahoo News.

Jennifer Inez Ward quoted Leon Kaye in her article on Green Biz covering PUMA's move to phase out conventional leather.

Leon Kaye's coverage of Qatar was picked up by Doha's Gulf Times in January 2012.

The article "The 10 Emerging Sustainable Cities to Watch in 2012" caused a social media firestorm on Twitter and Facebook. The article is also mentioned on the city of San Jose's site, too.

Yonhap, South Korea's largest newswire service, summarized in Korean Leon Kaye's Guardian article about Korea's smart grid efforts.

Fenton, a top communications and public relations firm, named Leon Kaye as a thought leader on corporate social responsibility.

PSFK syndicated Leon Kaye's story on urban acupuncture; Smart Planet and Grist soon followed.

Leon Kaye covered the GRI Conference in Amsterdam during May 2010; his articles are on Justmeans.com.

The Environmental News Network frequently posts Leon Kaye’s articles.

The UK’s Independent mentioned Leon Kaye in an article discussing Canon’s corporate social responsibility issues.

Grist picked up on Leon Kaye’s and 3p’s discussion of hybrid cars and urban acupuncture.

Fast Company repeated Leon Kaye’s observation that some renewable energy companies' tactics are not that different from energy companies like BP.

CleanTechies.com featured Leon Kaye's 3p article on social entrepreneurship in Asia.

The New York Times referenced Leon Kaye's article when its staff discussed how the Caribbean island of St. Lucia will become an exporter of geothermal energy.

The Boston College of Corporate Citizenship mentioned Leon Kaye as one of the "cooler heads" in a response to a WSJ article challenging the concept of CSR.

Leon Kaye's discussion of industrial vs. organic agriculture was featured in OnEarth Magazine, a publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Is water the next carbon? Mindful Money picked up on Leon Kaye's discussion in The Guardian of water scarcity and its impact on business.