GreenGoPost is in the middle of an overhaul, which is why the site has been a bit loopy at times. We know, you cannot comment on the site (though most discussion takes place on social media anyway), and the front page looks odd because of a problem we have with our hosting site. Add the constant spamming attacks from .ru email addresses and we had to bolster our security. But a new design is underway, too. Two years ago after a string of good months our readership tanked to an embarrassingly low amount in the low triple digits per month. Now we are approaching a readership near the five figures--not huge, but respectable considering the approach has been on content, not tricky SCO. But meanwhile, we are now been read in over 180 countries, launched a guest article series and have two part time guest writers who cover food and technology. And our editor, Leon Kaye, provides articles for The Guardian, Triple Pundit, Earth911 and Inhabitat.

So like Charo (pictured here), GreenGoPost is in the middle of a facelift. For three years now we have been sharing what is occurring in misunderstood regions like the Balkans and the Middle East. We have had fun explaining why corporate governance starts with Joan Crawford and wondered what the heck Shirley Bassey was thinking when she danced on that oil rig. And while we are overall very pro-business and suggest a rethink when it comes to companies like Walmart and Coca-Cola, we do hold organizations accountable. We were not happy when Dow Chemical roped us into a greenwashing informercial while behaving like a corporate bully, and we mocked Greenpeace for a ridiculous campaign that dredged up Evita Peron.

With a growing global audience, we need a more streamlined site that will allow us to grow. Thank you in the meantime for all your support.

Leon Kaye and the GGP team.

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Chanel Alexander

With her experience working in management consulting, online media & advertising, and public relations, Chanel Alexander brings a business and marketing perspective to Chanel has a B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing from San Francisco State University and is near completion of her M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from San Francisco's Golden Gate University, Edward S. Ageno School of Business. She has worked with at-risk youth and non profit community organizations through the Bay Area in addition to her many accomplishments. Chanel will occasionally contribute thought pieces on issues related to business, marketing, technology, and energy.