has undergone massive changes in recent weeks!

2012 was an eventful year for myself and I moved to a new city, Fresno (pictured), which is where my father is from and what I consider to be my roots. Granted, I have gained plenty of snarky comments from Bay Area types who are quick to thumb their nose at an area with which they are not familiar (the best was the comment from a CEO of a major NGO--shocking!), but regardless, the San Joaquin Valley is home for now. I have been busy retrofitting what was once a foreclosed condo, which has been difficult to juggle with the ghostwriting and business writing projects that have been on my plate. And I also had a scare over the summer when the early stages of carpal tunnel almost derailed this career. Meanwhile, my lovely part-time writers have moved on, but I am fortunate to count them still as supporters and close friends. The upshot is is had a banner year with a massive increase in visitors and we are read in over 200 countries and territories. All we need is readers in Chad, Mali, South Sudan, Congo-Brazzaville, and the Central African Republic and Turkmenistan and the map is complete. Oh and North Korea, but I have a feeling Kim Jong-un is reading this journalist and writer via a massive proxy server.

Five weeks in the Middle East, most of which was in Dubai, opened my eyes to the transformation along the Arabian Gulf, the exciting developments in Qatar and the human rights abuses in Bahrain. Additional trips within the U.S. and an August jaunt to Sweden heightened my awareness about water, sustainable design and new developments in electric vehicles.

But what is most exciting is that has a new fresh look! Changes are still underway, but this third format, in my opinion, is even easier to read and is light on the eyes. I would love any comments or suggestions: you can contact me at This has taken far longer than I would liked, but I love the new layout and am happy with the updated logo and banner. 

I have some changes I would like to make for the coming year:

  • More DIY: Yes, I often make fun of this movement, and will continue to do so, as in my day DIY (do it yourself) was just called being “handy.” I welcome guest articles on this subject, as I believe doing things yourself is better for the environment, not to mention that it is good for the soul. To that end, guest articles are welcome.
  • Updates on geographic regions of the world. I am proud of the fact that tracks sustainable development in overlooked regions of the world, particularly the Middle East (Qatar and the UAE primarily) and The Balkans. I am also still interested in tracking changes going on in Korea and Japan; South America (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) and in the Caucuses region (especially Armenia). I welcome guest articles in English (and if translated I will run them in your native language, too). But since there is a fire hose of information I cannot keep up with, I plan on running weekly updates on trends happening in those regions. If you are with a PR firm, are a student, or happen to read this, feel free to DM me a quick link or  email me a paragraph about new developments in design, water or energy to me.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) will still be an important focus for and myself. I have the Global Reporting Initiative and passionate advocates such as Marcy Murninghan to thank for this focus. The business case for corporate social responsibility, CSR, sustainability--whatever label or moniker--is an easy one to make and I am excited at the changes I have seen the past three years. I cannot cover every development or review every report (that is what the indefatigable Elaine Cohen is great at, so why try to compete?), but I do welcome short emails explaining new developments.

Thank you for your support. The dream to land an overseas career (especially Qatar) or within a multinational still burns bright, but I am lucky to have this site and the workflow I have now. Call me out on Twitter or email me with any comments or questions.

Leon Kaye
Fresno, CA

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Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye is the founder and editor of Based in California, he specializes in social media consulting and strategic communications. A journalist and writer since 2009, his work has appeared on Triple Pundit , The Guardian's Sustainable Business site and has appeared on Inhabitat and Earth911. His focus is making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Areas of interest include the <a Middle East, sustainable development in The Balkans, Brazil and Korea. He was a new media journalism fellow at the International Reporting Project, for which he covered child survival in India during February 2013. Contact him at You can also reach out via Twitter (Leon Kaye) and Instagram (GreenGoPost). Since 2013, he has spent much of his time in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working with Masdar, the emirate's renewable energy company. He lives in Fresno, California.