Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), carbon accounting, compliance and other sustainability challenges have become critical issues for businesses to tackle these days. Companies are now responsible for reporting this environmental data, or face financial implications on carbon and energy use. Organizations are also compelled to address the issues of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and compliance. To complicate matters, the EPA has expanded its regulations yet again, creating a greater need for Environmental ERP tools that can adequately measure, manage and report enterprises’ environmental information.

Given its flexibility and real-time capabilities, a cloud-based solution is the best option, allowing for updated environmental requirements to be pushed out enterprise-wide to all facilities, regardless of location. It also offers users with a single repository of data to rely on, and ensures that environmental data is up-to-date and consistent across the organization. It also provides the always-on availability of critical environmental data, to give end users the ability to monitor and report in a timely and routine fashion on the back end.

Regardless, all organizations run differently, and simply having a cloud platform in place will not suffice. No two customers will have the same managerial process or organizational style, but all of them require the ability to customize their solutions to meet their needs. Solution providers need to do more to properly support their customers and provide them with the right technology to address their environmental compliance needs.

Enviance is one company that is trying to fill that void. This morning, Enviance released an updated version of its flagship compliance platform, Enviance System 6.5. The Enviance System aims to eliminate the complex nature of interacting with environmental data, and is designed to engage users with the application, making their data entry and data management easier by providing total customization.

Because no two organizations are alike, Enviance has enhanced its Workflow editor to model any business process that exists in an enterprise. This can be scaled from one-step simple processes to very complex processes involving multiple feedbacks and actions.

Even organizations with the most diligent reporting efforts may not have instant access to where their environmental data stands at any given moment. Pulling the correct data to include in reports can be a cumbersome task, and impossible without the right solution. Enviance 6.5 has added real-time data reports, so any environmental data entered into the system can be used in a report instantaneously. Requests for reports on specific environmental situations are easily met and quickly retrievable.

Mary Fosdick, environmental engineer at Tucson Electric Power (TEP), has been using Enviance 6.5 and finds the real-time data reporting capability very useful, as it enables TEP to perform analysis that was previously unobtainable, and provides a truer view of the company’s environmental impact.

Customization is what attracted Kristen McCann, senior consultant at Trinity Consultants, to the Enviance System. The creation and editing of workflows allows Trinity Consultants to better serve a broader range of customers that are looking for an environmental compliance solution designed to meet their needs now, but with the flexibility to expand as those needs grow.

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