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Not very essential

We’ve run our first annual trillion dollar deficit, renewable energy firms are withering because they cannot get promised stimulus tax credits fast enough, and our country needs an infrastructure and energy makeover.  Nevertheless, on Monday Congress proposed increasing the Essential ...

Happy Bastille, Lille

It figures France should get a mention on its two hundred twentieth Bastille Day.  We Americans are always happy to pick on France, but in its own way, France has undergone an impressive energy revolution . . . without losing ...

Another battery powered mini-car

Now Mitsubishi is in the electric car race. Today the firm introduced the i-MiEv, which runs solely on battery technology.  Yes, it’s pricey (about US$47,000), but mass-production could lower the price.  Look for it in 2010!

Obama’s Ambitious Plan

Today President Obama announced that folks from various and industry groups are backing him up on his plan to reduce greenhouse gases and improve automobile fuel efficiency. It’s about time. Critics will pick apart his plan. Environmentalists say he didn’t go ...
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