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WhipCar Matches UK Car Owners with Renters

WhipCar pairs “sensible drivers with spare car time.” The cost is free for car owners, and the grunt work is done by WhipCar, which checks electronically to assure the owner that his or car won’t end up across the Channel. Owners receive email and text notifications about the blokes who want to borrow their cars, and can proceed or decline as they wish. Best of all, owners can set their own price, with WhipCar providing a guide based on the model and the owner’s post code.

Sharing a Cab? A Start-Up Has An App for You!

Weeels lets New Yorkers order and share cabs with a few taps on a smartphone. Its app helps commuters find a taxi quickly and easily, and affords drivers the opportunity to make more money while wasting less time and fuel in their search for fares.

The Bicycle Wars Heat Up-Peace Out and Share the Road!

Most bicyclists ride because of recreation or exercise. Few rely on bikes for transportation because that is just not realistic in most rural or urban areas. And then you have a small but vocal cult of bicyclists who seem to forget that the rules of the road do not apply to them.

Farewell to the Black Stallion

Yesterday I finally had to give back “The Black Stallion” to the shop from which I had rented the trusty bike for a week. I only had it a week, but it was like saying good-bye to an old pal.

Bikes, Trains, and (no) Automobiles

I’m typing this on the way to Maastricht, a 2 ½ hour train ride south from Amsterdam. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Europe, so you forget how efficient and normal train travel is here. What’s been an added bonus is that I decided that I would take my rented bike with me.

Bicycle Kitchen

Located in the urban hipster neighborhood of what is becoming Hel/Mel (Melrose and Heliotrope), Bicycle Kitchen (La Bicicocina) is staffed by volunteers who work there a few hours each week to accomplish a few goals, including: 1) Help clueless people like me 2) Make Los Angeles a friendlier place for bicycle riding, which is a huge task.

A Magnetic Ride

Fasten your seat belts! When I started GGP last year, I mentioned Korea's potential for becoming a clean technology giant. One such technology I briefly discussed was online electric vehicle technology, or OLEV. Researchers at Korea's top ...

Angel’s Fright

It's a simple technology, but there's something magical about a funicular, no matter where you are in the world. Emanating from the Latin word for rope, a funicular is simply an inclined railway in which two cars, connected by a ...
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