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Sustainability = Amalgamation and Secession?

California has an outdated and inefficient form of government: the County of Los Angeles is a textbook case. Perhaps its time to merge city and county government, which would be a step in streamlining the decision-making process.

Obama: A Missed Opportunity

The President punted tonight. He could have given a clarion call to push for a clean energy policy that would have been painful, but necessary. He could have given a “teachable moment” about the costs involved with our addiction to oil. But instead he gave us platitudes, boasted about his energy secretary’s Nobel Prize (why do we keep hearing that?), asked that we pray, and made no attempt to push Congress to pass any energy-related legislation.

No on Proposition 16

Proposition 16 is a crass measure that would not level the playing field—it would devastate it. By requiring a two-thirds vote, the utility would almost guarantee that any municipality fed up with high utility rates—or the sources generating that power—would have no chance at starting its own electricity program.

A Million Promises, but Not Many Trees

One of LA Mayor's Antonio Villaraigosa's first initiatives was his 1,000,000 Tree Campaign for a greener Los Angeles. The project was ambitious. By having residents take an online test and then picking up trees at various locations for their yards, homeowners would plant these trees, providing shade and helping to heal LA's dirty air. Other trees were given away at city events and street fairs. The program, sadly, was a failure. And a visit to Griffith Park taught me why.

Don’t Burn For Me, Patagonia

In one of its clumsier PR campaigns, Greenpeace Argentina decided to place an ad in the Washington Post while Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner was in town. The advocacy group is livid over the plans to build a coal power plant in Patagonia.

The Hypocrisy Over Coal

Last week the World Bank voted to loan Eskom, a South African energy producer, US$3.75 billion to build a new coal power plant. Politicians in the UK and my beloved USA went ballistic. They howled that it was a tragedy for the World Bank to sabotage the work that has been done at ameliorating climate change.

The Case Against a Carbon Tariff

Much of the conflict over climate change between developed and developing countries focuses on who should pay for the transition away from fossil-based fuels. Some in the West say that countries with less stringent environmental laws, such as India and China, should be subject to a carbon tariff, often referred to as a border adjustment tax.

The Insanity Over Obama: Reality, Please

The rally cries are at full blast and the pitchforks are aimed, with many Americans are denouncing Barack Obama as a socialist.  A reality check is needed, and the ridiculous name calling has got to stop.  Plus a careful examination ...
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