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GRI Amsterdam: A Preview

The GRI Amsterdam started today with a compelling session focused on the future of sustainability (in Europe, ESG: environmental, social, and governance) reporting.

Thank You for Your Vote: See You in Amsterdam!

I got the call Monday morning, and the announcement was made early today, so finally, I am getting around to thanking everyone for their help in sending me to Amsterdam to cover the Global Reporting Initiative Conference in Amsterdam, May 26-28. Your support and encouragement meant a lot, and I am confident this will open a lot of doors for GGP and me.

CSR: Finally, Critical for SEC Reporting

A decade ago, publicly-held companies selling securities in the United States simply had to submit an annual 10-K (or 40-F if for non-US firms) to the US government, mail out a slick shareholder report to its shareholders once a year, and if they could be bothered, issue a pretty corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. But soon, we may see a trend where the 10K and CSR become one.

Aiming for Amsterdam – With Your Vote

Leon Kaye has entered a competition which, if successful, could have him work in Amsterdam for a few days at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Conference in Amsterdam May 26-28. The URL is

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – What is at Stake

More than three weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, over 200,000 gallons of petroleum a day is still spilling out into the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the blame game is fully underway. Regardless of who is to blame, these photos show what is at stake.

From Shrill Baby Shrill to Spill Baby Spill

The Obama Administration told us that these oil leases were approved for drilling because they were far from the coast, were “safe,” and in the spirit of compromise, offshore drilling advocates were thrown a bone in order to get some kind of climate change legislation crammed through Congress.

Papering over Uruguay

Uruguay is one of my favorite destinations, a country through which I've traveled three times and which I fantasize about visiting again and again.  Many tourists, and Argentines especially, complain about Uruguay and its capital, Montevideo:  it is "boring," with ...
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