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Sustainability Reporting: Start With the Regulators?

If government agencies are going to require industries and companies that they regulate to offer more disclosure, perhaps these agencies should issue reports so that their vendors, employees, and of course, the taxpayers, understand the impact these agencies are having in their communities?

The Boxer Becomes the 9 Million Dollar Man

Former boxer Zeljko Mavrovic is a successful grain producer and baker, educating Croatians about organic food and sustainability while providing economic opportunity. According to Mavrovic, he wanted to invest his boxing earnings “in something that would not only allow me to continue to grow personally, but also to bring benefits to a larger community and to planet Earth.”

The CSO Dilemma

There's a predicament that many chief sustainability officers face in their organizations. Like the chief strategist, they have a position with no P&L responsibility and few tools allowing them to quantify their results.

Integrated Reporting: The Issues

In the wake of financial scandals and now, environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico—especially after learning today that BP executives took risky shortcuts while producing a media spin plan that was much longer than any scenario plan designed to cope with such a disaster—we should welcome the movement towards integrated reporting. But there are some caveats that organizations like the Global Reporting Initiative must carefully consider.

The Case for Integrated Reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative is pushing for integrated reporting, or as Michael Krzus, a partner at Grant Thornton, has coined, “one report.” The idea behind integrated reporting is that financial and non-financial disclosures will be intertwined into one report that can stakeholders, shareholders, and potential investors can read and vet.

Croatia Hosting Leading CSR Conference

The 9th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility will be June 16-18, 2010, and hosted by the Social Responsibility Research Network in Zagreb. The conference will be held at the Zagreb School of Economics & Management. I look forward to getting his insight.

Leon Kaye’s Interview at GRI with

To Americans who trend left, Europe is a civilized utopia full of sophisticates and intellectuals where all is well with health care, environment, and society. To the right, Europe is a socialist purgatory where folks suffer from over-regulation and marginal opportunities. Neither assumption is correctly accurate.

CSR In Amsterdam-The Dutch Throw a Party

Who said reporting and disclosure conferences must be dull? Last night the GRI hosted an awards ceremony for companies who proved that they have successfully engaged their shareholders in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting.

GRI Amsterdam: A Preview

The GRI Amsterdam started today with a compelling session focused on the future of sustainability (in Europe, ESG: environmental, social, and governance) reporting.
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