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Indian Parliament Mulls Mandating 2% CSR Tax on Businesses

One country’s legislature is mulling the wisdom of mandating larger companies to spend some of their profits on doing good. India’s Parliament is mulling a bill that if passed, over 3400 companies would have to set aside 2% of their average net profits over the next three years for funds dedicated to CSR initiatives.

Labor Day Message from

Much of our way of life today is because of Frances Perkins, the first woman ever to have a cabinet post here in the US. Perkins was a hell-raiser for her time: she refused to take her husband’s last name, and led government commissions in New York until FDR, who was her boss in New York, asked her to lead the Department of Labor in 1933. Scarred by witnessing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911, which killed 146 garment workers (mostly women), Perkins championed the 48 hour workweek for women along with other laws to improve factory conditions.

Swedes Can Now Sell Used Furniture on IKEA’s Web Site

IKEA has received a fair share of criticism over the years, but there is evidence that the furniture giant undertaking improvements on the sustainability front. The company has tinkered with renewable energy, is phasing out flame retardants in its furniture, and in Sweden it is making a counterintuitive business move: customers in its home country can now sell the store’s used furniture on IKEA’s Swedish site.

Paper, Plastic, Neither, or Recycling: Environmental Benefits Vs. Waste

The Women in Green Forum got it right, especially during yesterday’s panel on consumer products and packaging. The emphasis was on packaging. The panel offered a balance of industry associations, manufacturers, and advocates. Valid points were brought up on all sides, and due to time constraints, the discussion was not as vibrant as we would have liked, but thought provoking nonetheless.

The Alternative to CSR: Regulation?

Companies have figured that implementing measures related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues create a solid business case. But University of Michigan professor Aneel Karnani believes that for companies to act in the public interest, while profiting from their operations, is “fundamentally flawed.”

Levi Strauss Announces Finalists for Cool Clothesline Competition

Levi’s started a Care to Air competition where designers create a new air drying contraption, countering the claim that clotheslines are unsightly—while offering the winner a $10,000 prize. Now the finalists will present their design idea on Monday, August 16 in San Francisco.
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