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2011 Challenge: Make Every Cup Matter

Guest Post from Fair Trade USA: beverages better support their families and improve their communities for generations to come.  When you choose Fair Trade, you are making your daily cup of coffee or tea go the extra mile.  You are voting with your dollars for a more ethical system of trade, one that protects and supports people on all ends of the supply chain - from the small family farmer in Peru or Indonesia or the tea leaf picker in India to the coffee shop owner in your hometown.

Change is Brewing in Brazil – Fair Trade Cupping Competition Launched

Fair Trade USA is pleased to announce the winners of the Brazilian Fair Trade Coffee Cupping Competition that was held this week in Brazil. The cupping competition was the culmination of a three-year coffee quality development program that we have been working on in Brazil in a collaboration with USAID, SEBRAE-MG and Walmart as part of the Responsible Sourcing Partnership Project.

Branding in a green world

How to Target a Wide Audience with Green Products Co-written with Kat Shoa,, who specializes in marketing strategy. Despite the economic downturn, companies and consumers continue to demonstrate an interest in green products and sustainable business practices due to concerns about ...
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