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Canine Yoga: A New Take on Downward Dog

It was not that long ago when yoga was considered new age silliness, but the practice has boomed across the country. Studios are opening up all over, and health clubs offer classes. For dog owners, canine yoga, or “doga,” is an opportunity to bond with your furry friend.

China Accused of Manipulating CDM

Billions of dollars have poured into Clean Development Mechanism projects around the world. What started with a seed fund from the World Bank ten years ago with US$160 million has surged to well over US$7 billion. But not everyone sees this is a positive trend. In fact, critics claim the system, while well intentioned, is open to abuse.

A Stroll Through New England

When you live in America’s second-largest city and tire of its hassles, visiting Vermont is a treat. I stayed in Randolph last night, and drive through New Hampshire and to Farmington, Maine, where I am now. Until I crossed the state line into New Hampshire, I did not see one traffic light. The drive took forever only because I constantly stopped to enjoy the silent beauty, the cool crisp air, and to walk around. My diet was helped a bit--blue laws still on the books meant that most places were closed.

How We Can Honor the Chilean Miners

Mining is a dirty, dangerous, and yet necessary business. The workers who endure these conditions, from the copper mines in the Atacama Desert to the coal tunnels in West Virginia, know the perils when they start such jobs, but handle the work with grit, grace, and dignity. The tragedies in West Virginia, Utah, China, and the averted catastrophe in Chile should send a message to the rest of us.

Recycling? Don’t Be a Sue Sylvester – But Glee is Doing Good

Glee is one of the best shows on television for countless reasons. The witty writing, Heather Morris and her one liners, and Jane Lynch is the perfect Adidas model. But as a former band geek, I, and many others, can relate to this show. Plus the brilliance of the Glee is its introduction to the younger generation to songs what I guess could be now called oldies; and the older generation can learn about today’s hottest music artists.

A Town in Montenegro Heals

Like other European states, Montenegro has suffered from its share of pollution and kindred environmental problems. At the same time, its mountainous terrain is packed with recreational opportunities, from its stunning coast to idyllic mountains. One town that could see a surge in tourism is Mojkovac, only 65 miles from the nation's capital, Podgorica.

Paper, Plastic, Neither, or Recycling: Environmental Benefits Vs. Waste

The Women in Green Forum got it right, especially during yesterday’s panel on consumer products and packaging. The emphasis was on packaging. The panel offered a balance of industry associations, manufacturers, and advocates. Valid points were brought up on all sides, and due to time constraints, the discussion was not as vibrant as we would have liked, but thought provoking nonetheless.

Parkman Triangle Ribbon Cutting August 14 at 11:00 a.m.!

Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti will be in attendance this Saturday, August 14, at 11:00 a.m. for the ribbon cutting ceremony that will officially open Silver Lake’s new “urban lounge!” Councilman Garcetti was a huge part of the project: his office contributed over $4000 which was used to demolish that old patch of asphalt that paved the way to creating a new green space for the district’s residents who live south of Sunset Boulevard.
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