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Thank You for Your Vote: See You in Amsterdam!

I got the call Monday morning, and the announcement was made early today, so finally, I am getting around to thanking everyone for their help in sending me to Amsterdam to cover the Global Reporting Initiative Conference in Amsterdam, May 26-28. Your support and encouragement meant a lot, and I am confident this will open a lot of doors for GGP and me.

CSR: Finally, Critical for SEC Reporting

A decade ago, publicly-held companies selling securities in the United States simply had to submit an annual 10-K (or 40-F if for non-US firms) to the US government, mail out a slick shareholder report to its shareholders once a year, and if they could be bothered, issue a pretty corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. But soon, we may see a trend where the 10K and CSR become one.

The ecoATM

Electronic waste has been gathering more attention lately, and it should: as we use more cheap electronics, the resulting waste ends up becoming a toxic nightmare. But these devices are not easy to recycle. Based in San Diego, ecoATM thinks it may have a solution.

Earth Day Hangover: All That E-Waste

Far too many people pitch their computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment at drop off points, thinking they are doing a great deed. Unfortunately, many of the people behind these drives are charlatans.

The Case Against a Carbon Tariff

Much of the conflict over climate change between developed and developing countries focuses on who should pay for the transition away from fossil-based fuels. Some in the West say that countries with less stringent environmental laws, such as India and China, should be subject to a carbon tariff, often referred to as a border adjustment tax.

An Evening with Jeff Hayes: a Make It Happen Workshop

Do you have a great idea but need to make it scale? Not sure how you can get to that next step? Jeff Hayes, Principal of the Vector Group, an LA-based management consultancy, will lead a workshop Wednesday night in Santa Monica, titled the “Make-It-Happen Entrepreneur Workshop.”

Link Away from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's spectacular growth and importance in the working world means more distracting posts and sharply-worded reminders from folks who think they are the arbiters of what and what is not appropriate social media interaction.  True, LinkedIn is still an indespensible ...

Leon Kaye is Now Writing for!

This week I started writing for, an online media company for the business community that seeks to raise sustainability and environmental awareness. My first week has been an exciting one: I had the opportunity to cover favorite companies including Continental ...
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