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Nissan Leaf Selling Fast

If you have not put your name on the waiting list for a Nissan Leaf, you had better hurry fast. Not that scrambling to put your name on the list makes much of a difference: dealers who are part of a pilot project to showcase the Leaf are already sold out of the plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles. The sellout occurred before the sedans could even arrive at the showrooms in a handful of US states.

Walmart Commits to More Sustainable Agriculture

Like any smart business, Walmart is responding to market conditions and is spearheading all kinds of changes in its business operations. Sustainability has been a central to the company’s shift in strategy, and Walmart has made commitments from zero waste to a focus on climate change. Now agriculture is in Walmart’s crosshairs: the USA’s largest purveyor of groceries has launched new sustainable agriculture goals.

PwC Reaches CO2 Reduction Goals Three Years Early

PwC has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions this year by 20% from its 2007 levels. That reduction is impressive when one considers that PwC had worked to achieve that goal by 2012. It's no surprise-the firm has focused on sustainability for 15 years.

GGP & Leon Kaye in Chicago for Enablon’s Users’ Forum

Companies like Enablon are important because of their role in monitoring our impact on the planet and its people. Many large corporations and organizations are genuinely interested in doing what they can to achieve lower carbon emissions, meet compliance and disclosure requirements, and ensuring that workers in their supply chain are treated fairly. Those are not easy tasks.

With New Green Data Center, Yahoo Scores a Big Coop

This week Yahoo opened its data center in Lockport, NY. Titled the Yahoo Computing Coop, or (YCC), the facility is similar in design to other buildings in western New York. Dubbed the Yahoo Chicken Coop, the data center actually resembles a chicken coop—it’s a series of long buildings with angled roofs that allows for maximizing use of the winds that come from nearby Lake Ontario.

Uruguay, Beyond the Metrics and Statistics

Countries will tout worker productivity, GDP, GNP, and FDI. One country, however, is trying to attract investors by touting its quality of life, and suggesting that its land about the size of Washington state with the population of Berlin be considered just because well, it is a nice place. And that country is Uruguay.

Composting Gets Corporatized – A Good Thing

Garick processes and distributes garden soils and other products across North America. Its success attracted the attention of Waste Management (WM), which purchased a majority stake in Garick this week.

Sustainability Can Be Women’s Work

From director-level sustainability officer positions to CEO, more women have introduced a new paradigm to the business world—the ability to boost profits while reducing the environmental and social impacts of their organizations.
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