Bamboo has long been touted for its contribution to sustainable development.  Real estate developers in Asia use bamboo for scaffolding, bamboo fibers make their way into moisture-wicking clothing, and now the resilient plant shows promise for nanotechnology applications.  Some bamboo varietals are edible, and now a Korean company is pushing a new product:  bamboo leaf tea.  Korea may be on the cusp of providing the world with the latest and greatest beverage.

Bambusland promoted its varieties of bamboo leaf tea in the Korean Pavilion at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim last month.  Researchers have explored the efficacy of scaling the product since the mid-1990s, and for several years, Bambusland has sold its product in Germany and Switzerland.

The company sources its bamboo leaves in Damyang, a county in Korea’s Chollanam-do in Southwest Korea, a region well known for its contribution to Korean cuisine.  Only a few varieties (sasa and palmate) bamboo are harvested to make the tea, and even then the harvesting period is only four to six weeks.  The 11-step process turns the raw material into a light and delicious drink, which I was lucky enough to sample while I spoke with Bambuland’s reps during my day in Anaheim.

Bambusland's bamboo leaf tea

Bambusland's bamboo leaf tea

The taste is similar to green tea, only with less tannins and without caffeine.  Bambusland promises a bevy of healthful benefits, from antioxidants to combatting cold symptoms to aiding the digestive tract.  Whether you drink it plain or flavored (vanilla is my favorite), bamboo tea is a nice alternative to drinks like coffee, tea, or mate that leave some of us more than wired.

Bambuslands also manufactures body products like bath salts, masks, and a “vitality patch.”  The products are easier to find in Europe.  I have not seen the product yet in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, but the teas are refreshing and deserve shelf space at your favorite store.  If you are interested in carrying the product, you can contact Bambusland here.

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