Step aside, pasta and gelato.  Move over, Fellini and Loren.  The real stars of Italy are the boot’s magnificent fruits and vegetables.  Like many visitors to Italy, our recent honeymoon throughout Italy included a stop at the Amalfi Coast.  While the scenery in this corner of Italy is indeed splendid, what caught my eye were the incredible Amalfi lemons at a local farmers market.  Incredibly fragrant and bombastic with their size approaching that of grapefruit, these lemons rank with the tangerine-like California Meyer lemons, rich Korean citrons, and delicate Persian lemons.  From their juice to their zest, few citrus fruits can compare.  Almalfi lemons are just another reason why Italian food ranks as among the most innovative and diverse on the planet.

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The gorgeous incomparable Amalfi Lemons

The gorgeous incomparable Amalfi Lemons

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