Have you scheduled an event related to the world of sustainability? Have you got news about corporate social responsibility or clean energy?  Is an initiative on which you are working challenging our assumptions of what is “sustainability” or "green?" Let Leon Kaye and the GGP crew know!

GreenGoPost.com is open to hearing your story. Of particular interest is hearing from Fortune 1000-sized companies within and outside the United States.  Why? Massive changes on a global scale are what it will take to instill change in every day business practices, adoption of clean energy technologies, and preserving the environment. The reality is that companies like Walmart and Coca-Cola are making changes that affect all business processes from sourcing, supply chain, and consumer education.

Nevertheless, we realize small firms also push the boundaries on the innovation and sustainability fronts. Having recently visited India and South Africa, we are excited over the role social enterprise has on issues related to social sustainability, international development and the alleviation of poverty.

Leon Kaye especially believes partnerships with companies and such organizations as WWF can make a difference.  From Korea to Brazil to Texas, Leon Kaye and GGP's staff are open to partnering with you.

Leon Kaye
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A brief email with three to five bullet points is the best way to get your idea across--no long press releases or attachments, please.