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Leon Kaye has traveled and worked across the world, including in Chile

Has your organization scheduled an event related to the world of sustainability? Have you got news about corporate social responsibility or clean energy?  Is an initiative on which you are working challenging our assumptions of what defines "sustainability?" Let Leon Kaye and GreenGoPost.com know and we can sort out a way to amplify your message.

Large companies, small firms, startups, NGOs and policy makers can push the boundaries on when it comes to innovation and sustainable development. Leon Kaye can help your organization communicate the progress it is making on these fronts.

With a 20-year career in education, sales, marketing and communications, Leon Kaye can also work with your organization on short- or long-term projects. Contact him to learn more about how he can help you accomplish your goals and improve your company's reputation -- and bottom line.

Leon Kaye

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