Leon Kaye and GreenGoPost bring you the latest on environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

GreenGoPost.com launched in May 2009 with the focus on making the business case for sustainability.  Led by its editor, Leon Kaye, GreenGoPost and its contributors believe that while investment in clean energy and other sustainable technologies should be pushed in the coming decade, the emphasis needs to be on energy independence, not as a knee-jerk reaction to “big oil” or “corporate greed.”  The stubborn truth and reality are that for a clean, green economy to grow, these technologies need to scale and be cost effective.  To that end, GreenGoPost believes that engagement and thoughtful conversations work:  name calling gets all parties no where.

So why the name? You guessed it: our aim is to turn the "go green" model on its head. And yes, Leon Kaye, GreenGoPost's founder, is a "gringo" in California!

GreenGoPost further explores the world of corporate social responsibility and believes that the worn out argument over economic development vs. sustainability is not the reality.  Positive steps taken by companies should be acknowledged and encouraged.  Our readers know that just because a business trend or service is “corporate” or “mainstream” hardly means that it is bad--and no matter what the motivation is, the final results are what are most important..  To that end, this site shares solid and effective business practices as well.

If you are a budding or accomplished MBA who needs a resource for explaining why sustainability should and could be integrated in a company’s overall planning, you have found the right place.

Reach out to us to see how we could work with you to improve your organization’s messaging and bottom line.

With a presence in California's Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, as well as on America’s east coast and in Europe, GreenGoPost.com and Leon Kaye also promote more efficient and public transportation; our society’s food supply; and how culture, travel, and the arts can make us more appreciative of the world in which we live while improving our quality of life.

As of September 2010, Leon Kaye has emphasized sustainable business in Southeastern Europe (often called “The Balkans”).  This site syndicates from other media partners and is always willing to open the doors to organizations working to do good in a region that is often overlooked by NGOs and multinational corporations.

Since we started, we are proud to say that we have readers from over 160 countries. The message we send resonates among business leaders, sustainability advocates, and those concerned about our energy future around the world.

We are always open to guest articles; please contact us for more information.