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Bariloche, Argentina launched in May 2009 with the focus on making the business case for sustainability. Led by its editor, Leon Kaye, GreenGoPost believes that sustainable development – a broad definition that includes clean energy, water technology and social impact – is the foundation for long-term economic benefit and a driver of innovation.

GreenGoPost also explores the world of corporate social responsibility with the insistence that the worn out argument over economic development vs. sustainability is not the reality. Positive steps taken by companies should be acknowledged and encouraged.  This site’s readers know that just because a business trend or service is “corporate” or “mainstream” hardly means that it is bad--and no matter what the motivation is, the final results on people, the planet and economic growth are what are most important.

Based in California, GreenGoPost also promotes more efficient transportation; changes within our society’s food supply; the ongoing discuss on how we can provide enough clean water for a growing population; and how culture, travel, and the arts can make us more appreciative of the world in which we live while improving our quality of life.

Since this site launched in 2009, readers from over 200 countries and territories have visited and participated in this ongoing conversation. Readers who will be interested in this site include business leaders, sustainability advocates, policy makers and those about the environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability – because all three are interdependent on each other.

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